The King Turned Back! Ranveer Singh To Swap King Khan For DON 3?

Yes, you heared it right! Surprised to know that Shah Rukh Khan had opted out for Don 3 movie directed by Farhan Akhtar. It has been once in a blue moon that Shah Rukh say no to the films. But, now the ball seems to be in Ranveer Singh’s court according to the reports. Yet, it has not been seeing eye to eye contract with Ranveer Singh. However, fans of Khan are disappointed by Shah Rukh Khan’s decision of letting the cat out of the bag.

Don’t know the reasons, but Khan is quitting films by films. Previously, he casted in Zero (2018) and Raees (2017) that too they were not liked much by the fans. A time ago, he had signed for the Don 3 but unfortunately, the script makers are delayed to let it on the tip of his tongue.

On interview with BBC Asia, Khan said, “My next role will be as sexy as my last one. So you want me to be a sexy father, a sexy hero, sexy whatever you want me to be. My next role will be as sexy as you want me to be”. Well, may be he’s in search of his sexy role.

However, all well and good! Every coin has two sides. Come rain or shine, Ranveer Singh, the Gully Boy has been luring hearts of fans by his recent movies Padmaavat, Simmba and Gully Boy. But, if the news of Khan is true, Ranveer will be having tough time for going Don 3. Producers are still approaching Ranveer for casting this movie, but till the time they are just sitting on a fence (to be undecided).

The whole deal is put on ice after Khan quitting the offer. However, now the fans of Ranveer are waiting for spilling out the beans through thick and thin. Advice for Khan’s fans to take Khan’s decision with a pinch of salt! Every cloud has a silver lining!

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Written by Anubhi Saxena

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