“I Take My Words Back, Hemant Karkare Is Certainly A Martyr” Says Sadhvi Pragya

Bhopal | On Thursday night while addressing BJP workers Sadhvi Pragya had said that Hemant Karkare died because she had cursed him. On Friday she took her words back, she apologized and said that Hemant Karkare is a true Martyr. On Saturday the election commission issued a show-cause notice to Pragya over her remarks and asked her for an explanation.

Who is Sadhvi Pragya:-

Sadhvi Pragya is an Indian Hindu fundamentalist. Her real name is Pragya Singh Thakur. She was arrested for terror charges in the 2008 Malegaon terrorist bombings. On Wednesday she joined the BJP. The BJP has filed her from the Bhopal Seat against Congress notable candidate Digvijay Singh.

Who is Hemant Karkare:-

Hemant Karkare was the chief of the Mumbai Anti-Terrorist Squad. He was killed by the terrorist in the 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack which fighting against the terrorist. In 2009 he was given the Ashoka Chakra award. Hemant Karkare also investigated the Malegaon terrorist bomb blast 2008 case.

What had happened in September 2008:-

On the evening of Navratri, two blasts occurred in Maharashtra and Gujarat. In Maharashtra, the blast happened in Malegaon and in Gujarat, the blast happened in Modasa killing and injuring many people. In the blast, two low-intensity bombs were used which was fitted on a Hero Honda motorcycle and the motorcycle was of Sadhvi Pragya. The investigation for this case was done by the Anti-Terrorist Squad which was led by Hemant Karkare. And he first arrested Sadhvi Pragya in connection with this case.

After filling her nominations from the Bhopal seat, on Thursday Sadhiv Pragya addressed a press conference where she said, once she had told Hemant Karkare when he was investigating her in connection with the Malegaon blast that he will be finished and within two months he was killed by the terrorists. She said, “The investigation team called Hemant Karkare and said if you do not have evidence, let her go. He said I will do anything to get evidence against her. I won’t let her go. This was his kuteelta (hatred). He was anti-national. He was dharam virudh (anti-religion). You won’t believe, but I said, ‘tera sarvanashhoga’. Just after ‘sawa’ month, terrorists killed him.”

After this comment, Sadhvi Pragya landed into trouble. She was badly criticized by the Congress, IPS association. Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said, “This is an insult to every Indian soldier who has sacrificed his life for Mother India while fighting terrorism. Apologize to the country and take action against Pragya.” He demanded an apology from PM Modi and said Modi Ji can commit this type of crime by declaring 26/11 martyr soldier as a traitor.

Sadhiv Pragya’s counterpart for the Bhopal seat, Digvijaya Singh said, “Hemant Karkare was a dedicated officer. He laid down his life for the country and we should be proud of him. No one should comment on it.”

By this BJP has cleaned its hands by telling Hemant Karkare died bravely by sacrificing his life for the country. BJP has always considered him as a true martyr. The statement which is said by Sadhiv Pragya is her personal view, maybe because of the mental and physical torture, she faced in the jail.

On Friday Sadhvi Pragya sought an apology and said, “If my remarks made enemies happy, then I take my words back, and I apologize too. Our remarks shouldn’t make enemies happy. The pain I went through, it can’t be reversed, but terrorists killed Hemant Karkare, he certainly is a martyr.” She said BJP has not related to this anyhow and said, “I said what I felt, the party hasn’t distanced itself from my remarks, they stated the right thing, that it was my personal account.”

On Saturday the election commission has sent a notice to Sadhiv Pragya for violating the model code of conduct by cheaply commenting on late ATS chief Hemant Karkare. District Election Officer and Bhopal Collector Sudam Khade said, “we took suo motu cognizance of the statement and sought a report from the assistant returning officer on the matter. We got the report this morning and we are going to issue notices, which are returnable within 24 hours, to the organizer of the programme and the person who made the statement.”

After the election commission notice, Congress leader Devendra Singh Yadav filed a police complaint against his counterpart Sadhvi Pragya for her comments on late Hemant Karkare.

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