Siddhu Banned From Holding Public Meetings, Interviews, Rally And Road Shows

ANI | Navjot Singh Siddhu , Minister of Punjab Cabinet was given a Notice on Saturday pertaining to his comment about Muslims, which is being classified as the breach of MCC. Siddhu has been penalized for making communal comments by Election Commission of India

Navjot Singh Siddhu on April 15 in Katihar in Bihar made communal remarks about the union of Muslims to vote against BJP and that their unity can help BJP not win the Lok Sabha polls. As a result to the communal remarks by Siddhu the Election Commission on Saturday issued a notice to Siddhu regarding the same which later followed by a bar from campaigning. Siddhu , as a result of all this has been now barred for 72 hours for campaigning in the form of Public Gathering which includes Public meetings , interviews , Road Shows and Rallies .

As per Section 123 (3) Representation of people Act, promotion of, or attempt to promote, feelings of enmity or hatred between different classes of the citizens of India on grounds of religion, race, caste, community, or language, by a candidate or his agent or any other person is prohibited. A FIR has been also lodged against the former Cricketer turned politician regarding the spread of hatred under above described act.

Siddhu was alleged for not obeying Model code of conduct being followed at the time of Elections and also disobeyed the Supreme court’s directives of not blending the religion , community while campaigning and canvassing for elections.

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