EC ban on Namo TV with Prime Minister Modi’s biopic

Delhi | The Election Commission has banned Prime Minister Narendra Modi from screening biopic and Namo TV till elections are held. A senior official of the commission said on Wednesday that the EC order of ban on the biopic also applies to Namo TV, which can not be broadcast during the elections.

The official referred to a paragraph of the order, in which, any poster or promotional material related to any type of certified material, which directly or indirectly increases the candidate’s election prospect, will be applicable to the Model Code of Conduct, will not be displayed in the field of electronic media.

Election Commission banned “Prime Minister Narendra Modi” on the release of the biopic on Wednesday till the Lok Sabha elections. The Commission said that no such material can be shown, which does not match the principle of providing equal opportunities to all claimants in the election.

The Commission said in its order, “Any empire of any political entity or biography based on any person connected with it or any of the people associated with it, who does not match the principle of providing equal opportunities to all the claimants during the election, The ideal election code should not be displayed in electronic media during the implementation of code of conduct.

The Election Commission said that he had complaints about some films including ‘NTR Lakshmi’, ‘PM Narendra Modi’ and ‘Udayama Singham’, in which a candidate or a political party has an electoral prospect in the name of creative freedom or less It has been shown to be in a big way.

Release of movie was scheduled on the day when 17th lok sabha elections are going to be start.

The biopic film on PM was to be released on April 11. The same phase of the 17th Lok Sabha elections will be held in seven phases. On the complaint of opposition parties, the Commission did not allow its release. It has been said in the complaint that the purpose of displaying a biopic based on Modi is to get the electoral benefit to the BJP, so allowing permission for its performance during the election will be a clear violation of election code of conduct.

As trailer shows this movie is going to be a big show of PM Modi as well as BJP…!!!!!!

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