PM Modi In Odisha |Attends A Road Show And Two Public Meetings

Sambalpur / Bhubaneswar | PM Narendra Modi was in Odisha on 16th April. He did two public meetings in Odisha; one in the western part of the state- Sambalpur and another in the capital city Bhubaneswar. His Sambalpur meeting was in the morning at 9 am, after that the roadshow was in Bhubaneswar at 3 pm, and then the Bhubaneswar meeting was at 4 pm.

In Sambalpur public meeting PM Narendra Modi criticized the ruling BJD government. He blamed the BJD government for the increased percentage of corruption in the state. He had come to Odisha for campaigning purpose before the second phase of election which is scheduled on 18th April. Today was the last date of campaigning for the 2nd phase of the election.

PM Modi in Sambalpur said, “It is the result of the earlier corrupt and weak governments that the people of Odisha remained poor after so many years of Independence. Discrimination on the basis of region and caste are the only achievements of Congress and BJD.”

In Sambalpur he mainly focused on the farmers, he told in spite of Odisha having a long river like Mahanadi and a large dam like Hirakud still the farmers of Odisha face the water shortage problem. He told about the center’s MSP (minimum support price) procedure. Even after the center increased the MSP on paddy to 1.5 times of the production cost, still the Government of Odisha has failed to procure paddy from the farmers and the middlemen continue to take advantage of this. The Odisha government failed to provide the list of framers those who could have been benefited from the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Nidhi Yojna, only 8.5 lakh farmers have been benefited by this scheme but still there are many farmers left out.

After the Modi government comes into power again at the center, they will set up a Jal Shakti Ministry and Fisheries Ministry. Jal Shakti Ministry will ensure clean and top class irrigation water facilities for the farmers.

Modi slammed the state government’s KALIA scheme; he said the scheme is full of flaws. The KALIA scheme provides financial, livelihood, cultivation support along with insurance support to small, marginal and the landless farmers.

About the Rs 2 rice, Modi said, “The central government procures rice at Rs 19-30 per kg and sends it to Odisha. Odisha government adds only Rs 2 per kg to it. However, they claim that they provide rice at a subsidized rate to the people of Odisha. It’s a blatant lie.”

Lastly, he said a government which shields people involved in chit funds and the mining mafias, what development will they be doing and what development they have done from the past 20 years.

After completing the public meeting in Sambalpur, Modi did a roadshow from the Airport to the Barmunda field where the Bhubaneswar public meeting was held. In the Bhubaneswar meeting also he slammed the regional ruling party; BJD.

He urged the people to vote for BJP in the center as well as the state and said the party will do a lot of developmental works in Odisha.

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