China Take This Clever Step Against India To Harass. | Read Article For Full Update

Provoked CHINA takes next step to demoralized INDIANS.

After banning Chinese items in India , China become irritated and thinking various ways to attack on India’s morale because it cannot attack on India physically due to world’s support for India.

This time dispute on Doklam is on peak from side of China but it was unable to attack which he wants , and the after effect of this issue is that Indian stopped purchasing Chinese items , it make China provoked to take steps which can effect on India  directly or can be indirectly.

China traps SRI LANKA by giving loan for making a port.

Actually China gave a heavy loan to Sri Lanka for making HAMBANTOTA PORT. Now  a Chinese company purchase 70% shares of this port. For this Sri Lanka and China signed an agreement on Saturday. For 1.12 Billion Dollar (about 7200 crore rupee) Sri Lanka sold 70% share of Hamban port to a Chinese firm.

That’s why India become tensed.

Although India has no issue with this deal but the problem arises that Hamban Port is geographically located near India strategical place SHRI HARIKOTA (Andman) where we have our  submarines. So this activity of China can be assumed as it planning  to encircle India from that coast.

China uses another countries against India like Sri Lanka.

China makes Naval base in other countries to stop expansion of India in Indian Ocean. China traps other countries by providing loans to them and then make helpless conditions for those countries. In this ambitious planning it covers Sittwe Port(Myanmar), Chittagong Port(Bangladesh), Hamban Kota(Sri Lanka), Marao Port(Maldives) and Gwadar Port(Pakistan).

Cambodia and Nigeria also trapped by China.

Like Sri Lanka China also gave loan to Cambodia for development since 1992 , now it amounts about 3 Billion Dollar. But now due to its growth potential and terms and conditions of China , Cambodia is unable to pay loan now. As a result for repaying its loan Cambodia gave other contracts to China on its terms and conditions.

Recently China announced to invest 40 Billion Dollar in Nigeria. China also gave billions of loan to Nigeria before. After this announcement Nigeria said Taiwan to leave his country.

Bangladesh will be the next fish in China’s trap.

The offer of soft loan which China gave to Bangladesh is converted in commercial credit by China. Now Bangladesh have to pay huge interest rate on this loan. It increased  the difficulties of Bangladesh.


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Written by Shivi Saxena

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