Increased Jet Airways Crisis : Court Refuses To Interfere. Air India Trying To Take Advantage.

Mumbai | The Bombay High Court has refused to intervene in the case of private airline Jet Airways. At the same time, jet airline employees have appealed to the government to intervene. Air India is looking at the major airlines of Jet Airways, which is in debt trapped in debt. For this, Air India Chairman Ashwani Lohani can meet State Bank of India Chairman Rajneesh Kumar.All airlines of Jet Airways, which are going through the financial crisis, have been temporarily closed. Seeing the downside of Jet Airways, everyone is remembering the airline Kingfisher of Vijay Mallya.

Reason of Crisis?

Jet Airways, launched by travel agent Naresh Goyal in the 80’s, provided airlines for millions of passengers for two and a half decades but after the 2010 crisis, the airline’s debt crisis began to scare. During this time the company had to bear the losses continuously. After this, Jet Airways failed to pay for debt. In December last year, the company operating with 123 planes operated with only five planes on Tuesday. At present, the banks owe more than Rs 8,500 crore to Jet Airways.

Can not say to save a sick company.

In his petition in the Bombay High Court, lawyer Matthew Needupura had sought the government and the RBI to direct that re-operations should be ensured till Jet Airways recognized the potential investors. The petitioner argued that the airline is an “essential service” and given the order, the court should direct the Banks Committee to help the restarted operations to get the required minimum loan help.

The petition was rejected by the Bombay High Court Chief Justice Pradeep Nandrajog and the bench of Justice NM Jamdar. The bench said that it can not ask the government or the Reserve Bank to issue capital for the sick company. The court said, “We can not ask the government to save a sick company. What we can do is that if you have a hat, then we can turn it around in the entire court to get the donation.

IATA also gave shock.

Meanwhile, the international aviation organization IATA has suspended Jet Airways from its clearing house system membership. This move could have an impact on the refund of Jet Airways passengers. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) said in a circular that the membership of Clearing House of Jet Airways is suspended from immediate effect. Explain that electronic transfers of money are made under this system.

Employees appeal to government.

At the same time, Jet Airways employees and officials have demanded to intervene in the matter with the government to prevent the airline from firing like Kingfisher. Chairman of Jet Airways Officers and Staff Association Kiran Pawaskar said, “The situation is very bad for the employees, today 16,000 employees have no work. I have asked the management to try to resume operations as soon as possible. “

Pawaskar alleges that after some events in Jet Airways, some “intentions” appear somewhere behind. They have demanded to investigate this matter. Pawaskar asked why he did not owe the employees before suspending services from the airline. Pawaskar said, “Employees are ready to work, all the employees are experts in their work because they have been working for 25 years, we are not parting anywhere, we will be here.”

Empty slots of Jet Airways will be allocated.

More than 400 slots have been vacant due to the temporary closure of Jet Airways. These slots will be transparently allocated to other airline companies. According to Civil Aviation Secretary Pradeep Singh Khurla, 280 slots have been vacant in Mumbai, while more than 160 slots are empty at the Delhi airport. Both of these airports are the busiest airport in the country.

Government too tough !

With the closure of Jet Airways flights, the government has become hard on the increase of fares by other airline companies. Under this issue, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has held a meeting with the representatives of the aviation companies. At the meeting, the Ministry has asked the companies to avoid spoiling the market price and keep the price of air travel tickets within reach of the passengers.


What is the purpose of Air India?

Air India wants to hire these aircraft on its international routes. Actually, Air India wants to start flying services on new international routes. At the same time, there is an intent to increase the number of flights on its existing international routes, but he has no additional aircraft to do so.

Air India special fare offer , Helping the passenger too.

Air India said it was offered “special fares” to stranded passengers in Paris, London Heathrow, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah and Muscat foreign airports. “It has been decided to reduce the difficulty of 9W (Jet Airways Flight Code) as a goodwill and to reduce the difficulty of the Jet Airways flight codes,” said Air India statement. Air India said that the passengers who have a confirmed ticket for Jet Airways return will be able to avail of Air India’s special fare package for the stranded passengers.

Air India plans to take jet planes.

Air India has offered to lease five airwaves of the Boeing 777S aircraft to Jet Airways. Air India has said that they can fly these aircraft on the London, Dubai and Singapore routes. Air India Chairman Ashwini Lohani has said in a letter written to Rajneesh Kumar, Chairman of State Bank of India on April 17, “We are exploring the possibility of operating these stand-in five B777 S aircraft on the old established routes”.
Jet Airways has 10 big-size Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Apart from this, he has some Airbus A330S aircraft. These aircraft are used by airlines for medium-range and long-distance flights from New Delhi and Mumbai to London, Amsterdam and Paris.

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