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BuzzItToday, Founded in 2017 by Adarsh Awasthi, who has started up his professional journey as a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur after having completed his engineering in Bachelor Of Technology (Electronics & Communication Engineering) in 2013.

After studies, Adarsh Awasthi devoted his most of time in research of Digital Marketing as he realized the potential of internet marketing mainly due to its global accessibility & connectivity. He started working from home initially joining with few good business partners & networks. Soon his hard work & struggle resulted as in form of decent amount of earning (with learning) for his livelihood and to get set up as an independent start up entrepreneur.

Currently Adarsh Awasthi is doing many projects that requires technical & marketing skills. Now Adarsh Awasthi is working and managing his tasks as an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Consultant, Online Advertising & Social Media Marketing Consultant, Business Strategies Developer & Web Developer.

The main objective of Adarsh Awasthi behind launching BuzzItToday is to serve only real news contents (no rumors or biased content at all) and present the real image of our society to the eyes of people at global level. Our mission is that after reading articles which has been posted by our authors, everyone should get a conclusion that leads for the betterment of the world.

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